Remote sensing for monitoring Environment

Research Topics

  1. 1.Accurate Ground Control Points

  2. 2.Establishing Geometric Model of Satellite Image

  3. 3.Stereo Matching

  4. 4.3D Coordinate Calculation

  1. 1.Accurate Ground Control Points

  2. 2.Accurate Geometric Correction

  3. 3.Surface Matching

  1. 1.Orientation

  2. 2.Accurate Ground Control Points

  3. 3.Stereo Matching


Platforms for Digital Photogrammetry

Satellite remote sensing becomes powerful method to monitor natural environments.

However, accurate measurement to detect change of natural environment is very difficult.

My laboratory has many issues of satellite remote sensing and the applications as follows;

  1. -Remotely sensed data analysis

  2. -Geographic information analysis

  3. -Field measurements to validate the analysis

3D Measurement by Remote Sensing (ALOS PRISM)

Laser Scanner Measurement

Geographic Information Analysis